Life consists of a lot of unforeseen surprises that are not always pleasant. The cost of old loans, unpaid overheads, car registration and repair, home improvement… All of this can be very expensive, and unfortunately you cannot postpone such a situation. With such expenses, you are in the situation of having to raise money and settle your debts as soon as possible. However, there may be a problem here if you have a bad credit or a permanent job.

We can apply for loans without an employer certification and without additional checks! If you are in a bad financial situation, our services can help you within 24 hours.

Loans without an employer certification can relieve you of financial worries.



It is usually too late to realize that you should have set aside for a monthly savings to help you when it comes to wondering how to borrow money urgently. Loans without employer certification are an easy and fast source of emergency funds, without you having to be creditworthy. This service will help you pay off your debts and get back on your feet financially as soon as possible.

How to raise loans without an employer certification

Quick loans without employer certification can be raised by filling out our application form and sending us only the basic information we require. You can do all this by taking the 2 minutes it takes to complete the application. The advantage of our services is in online business, which means that loans without employer certification can be requested at any time from anywhere in Croatia by computer, tablet or smartphone. The quick process of paying out money lies in sending it directly to your valid current bank account. Payment can be made within 15 minutes of signing and receiving the documentation.

Loans without employer certification and without additional paperwork in one day

Employer certification is often one of the conditions for raising money in banks. If you work on a contract you can hardly get the money you need. To help you afford what you want, we have created a lending service where we do not ask clients for employer confirmation. We know how frustrating it can be when you are a slave to your employers and dependent on their contract. With us you do not take such worries, but relaxedly fill in a loan application without an employer certification, with which we do not ask for notarized certificates, additional paperwork, standing and waiting in queues, crowding for hours at various institutions … We will save your nerves, money and time.

Loans without employer certification with professional approach and discreet business

Loans without employer certification with professional approach and discreet business

For us, all clients are equal, which means that we approach each person professionally and discreetly, accepting his problem. We will never ask you for an explanation of what your money will be spent on and what you will spend it on. All your information is kept confidential so that no one but you needs to know that you have taken out a loan without an employer certification. When you ask your friends or family for money, it often happens that you find yourself in an awkward situation and have to answer questions that you don’t really want to answer. You will never have such problems with us!

Why loans with no employer certification with us?


We want to provide every one of our new and old clients with a safe, simple and professional service to meet their financial needs and operate to their mutual satisfaction. We do business with a large number of satisfied customers who can offer loans without employer certification and other discreet money lending services at any time via the Internet or mobile devices.