Camping Boom boosts online booking platforms

The pandemic has sparked new interest in many outdoor activities. People now spend a lot of time outdoors and are looking for places that offer an outdoor lifestyle.

As a result, camping reservations have increased by around 500% in 2021. Websites such as Parkn’Sleep, Campendium, PitchUp, The Dyrt and many others are modernizing camping reservations while capitalizing on the recent influx of amateur and professional camping enthusiasts.

Like any hotel or Airbnb, campers can go to the camping booking platform of their choice and filter but the location and dates. From there, they choose their favorite place to launch.

According to a 2022 study by The Dyrt, “80% of first-time campers have used a mobile app or website like The Dyrt. When it comes to finding a campsite, not all of them are billion dollar search engines. First-time campers are almost twice as likely to use camping apps and websites as search engines to find a campsite.

“Last-minute and weekend camping is easier with these booking platforms, and your experience can be more secluded for more privacy and relaxation,” said Jerry Han, CMO at PrizeRebel. Han studies various industries through market research and how technology is used. Han went on to explain how these apps make camping more accessible. “Better advance planning of trips is also made possible through these platforms, allowing families and individuals to establish more accurate travel budgets.”

In Han’s experience, campers of all ages benefit from digital booking platforms. “Younger generations are embracing this new technology because it matches their desire for experiences rather than possessions. The Great Resignation has allowed some professionals to travel across the United States as they consider the next steps in their careers. And this technology even benefits retirees when traveling in their RV, as it helps them tailor their excursions for optimal enjoyment.

Not everyone is excited about the wave of online bookings

While a majority of campers seem to be embracing the new technology, others aren’t as enthusiastic.

“Some campers feel that the introduction of technology has made camping too easy and has taken away some of the challenge and excitement of the activity,” said Kara Dehoy, CMO of Startups Anonymous and camping enthusiast.

Many believe that these booking platforms lead to overcrowded and oversaturated locations once considered hidden gems.

“The biggest downside is that many of the best places can get overcrowded and spoiled,” said Alex Tiffany, founder of Just Go Exploring. Tiffany, like many campers, prefers to pick a more secluded spot on a map and get away from civilization.

Camping booking platforms to help you get started


This platform is intended for booking camping or caravanning holidays. It currently has over 5,000 campsites, glamping sites and RV parks in 70 countries across the Americas, Europe, UK and Africa. PitchUp has sold over 14 million nights since its launch.

“I’ve used PitchUp several times and find it so much easier to find a suitable campsite. My family has been camping for 25 years, and in the 90s I was browsing ads in camping magazines and then I had to call the site and ask for details,” said Karen James, founder of The Geordie Grandma.

James explains that with PitchUp, users can filter by requirements such as adults only, children, restaurants, activities, and more.


“We’ve used a number of apps that help us find campsites, and they’ve really improved the way we camp, meaning we can always find a place to stay no matter where we are or how last minute our booking is! We use Campendium, which has built-in features to help us find free campsites next to nearby natural attractions, like public parks and national forests,” said Kevin Harris, Founder and CEO. from NANBF.

Hip Camp

“I have found Hipcamp very useful when it comes to discovering national parks and public campsites. It is ideal for reviews, tips and photos. Most of the campsites offered by Hipcamp are much larger than five acres, and they have a single pitch that you can easily forget about the rest of the world. Privacy is also one of the main advantages of this site over other private campsites,” said Beth Sparrow, Managing Editor at Theviproll.

The Dyrt

“I used a camping app called The Dyrt quite extensively while my wife and I spent a month camping all over Colorado and Utah. It’s a free app, or you can pay to upgrade added features. The app even has a map and filter of all nearby campgrounds, making it easy to find accommodation in the area you’re traveling,” said David Leiter, Founder from travel blog Leiter is not affiliated with the Dyrt Company, but found the platform useful for researching RVs, trailers, glamping options, and more.

International booking options


Users can search from over 150 registered campsites in seven European countries. More than 19,500 campers are taking advantage of the app’s easy-to-use platform, while the startup has raised $1.03 million in funding.

“I recently went hiking/camping in Germany and used this app to find a local host. The best decision indeed. Everything about booking a campsite went smoothly and I met many great locals,” said Allan Borch, Founder of

wild stitch

A peer-to-peer marketplace for outdoor holidays and activities with over 500 hosts across the UK.

“The app lets you specify where you’re going, when you’ll be there and what type of stay you’re looking for to help you find an experience that suits your needs. They even offer options like glamping, treehouses and shepherd’s huts,” said Nick Mueller, COO of

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