Chelsea Logistics launches Chelsea Travel unified online booking system for passengers

Chelsea Logistics and its three shipping lines, namely Starlite Ferries, SuperCat and Trans-Asia, have rolled out Chelsea Travel, a unified online booking system, which will provide passengers with a simple, fast and stress-free booking experience. It will allow passengers to buy and pay for their tickets when it is most convenient for them, even outside opening hours. It also reduces cashiers’ workload and optimizes customer service.

On August 08, 2022, Chelsea Group will officially launch the first phase of Chelsea Travel which allows passengers to book by simply scanning the QR code. They will have access to the VIP line at the ticket office so they can pay immediately without having to wait in line for a long time. The second phase will allow passengers to pay online, skipping the manual transaction with a cashier.

Chelsea Logistics CIO Efren Bernardino Jr. said passengers crave instant action and want services delivered at the touch of a screen. “Streamlining the reservation process for our three shipping companies is a challenge but a satisfaction. We recognize that passenger needs are dynamic, and so is digital technology. We leveraged the power of technology and the determination of our in-house IT team to see this innovation come to fruition. This will surely bring greater operational efficiency and a better travel experience for passengers,” Bernardino said.

“As we witness the resumption of passenger activity, we are pleased to welcome our valued passengers with a user-friendly and unified online reservation system. We continue to be committed to our vision of providing unparalleled customer service from the best way possible. We are launching not only an online booking system, but also a simplified way to manage the business of passing through, increasing the productivity and efficiency of our team. Exceptional customer service will always be our top priority because it brings us a great sense of pride and fulfillment to see satisfied passengers,” said Chelsea Logistics President and CEO, Chryss Alfonsus V. Damuy.

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