DeskFlex Announces Okta Integration with Award-Winning Online Booking and Project Scheduling Software

Company Highlights Increased Productivity and Safety Benefits in Online Webinar

CHICAGO, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DeskFlex, provider of office scheduling, room booking, co-working space, parking management and equipment booking software solutions, has announced the integration of access and enterprise-grade identity validation in its flagship suite of products.

Company representatives made the announcement during an online workshop held for existing and new customers, as well as potential customers. Attendees represented a wide range of industries seeking to implement flexible office booking, as well as office space and asset planning capabilities. Introducing the webinar-style workshop, a company spokesperson said:

“Over the past two years, more and more employers have embraced the shared office space model. When employees and teams move from one shared office space to another, they also need access and validation of credentials. resulting in repeated signings and logins and multiple authentications. One of the main challenges raised by our customers was that of repeatedly logging into various work productivity applications, including our DeskFlex suite. Our FlexOkta integration solves this problem seamlessly.”

During a moderated online Q&A session, attendees learned about the challenges many teams face today, especially in a virtual, remote and mobile work environment. According to a DeskFlex moderator:

“The virtual, mobile and remote workplace has changed the way employers and employees perceive their working environment. And, alongside flexible desk booking and workspace scheduling and sharing, data security and privacy have taken on new importance.The Okta-DeskFlex integration initiative provides single sign-on to all user web and mobile applications, meaning users now only have the ability to to login only once, and Okta will launch every app in the program without needing multiple logins for multiple apps and apps.”

The event included a live demonstration of the various productivity-enhancing capabilities offered by Flex Okta, as well as the ease with which users can log in/out and log back in to several DeskFlex and third-party applications and programs. Participants were encouraged to contact the company to schedule a personalized consultation, as well as a personalized review of how to incorporate DeskFlex project planning and workspace sharing into their business model.

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