Hotel business travel is feeling the lingering effects of COVID

An illustration of COVID-19 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

HYANNIS — The American Hotel and Lodging Association projects hotel business travel revenue in 2022 will be down 23% from pre-pandemic levels.

From 2019 levels, the association expects an overall drop of more than $20 billion.

The group said leisure travel has made a significant comeback in light of the drop in COVID cases, but business-specific travel – for corporate, government and commercial categories – is taking much longer to get rid of the impacts of the pandemic.

They add that business travel makes up the bulk of the industry’s revenue.

“While declining COVID-19 case counts and easing of CDC guidelines provide a sense of optimism for travel recovery, this report underscores how difficult it will be for many hotels and hotel employees to hotels to recover from years of lost revenue,” association president and CEO Chip Rogers said.

“The good news is that after two years of working virtually, Americans are recognizing the unparalleled value of face-to-face meetings and saying they’re ready to get back on the road for business travel.”

According to the association’s state report, Massachusetts is estimated to see a drop of about 44% from 2019 business travel revenue, a loss of nearly $1 billion.

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