HotelPlanner Becomes Exclusive Provider of Online Hotel Reservations for Bobsled/Skeleton in the United States

HotelPlanner, a leading travel technology platform powered by proprietary artificial intelligence, today announced a service provider partnership with USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS), the national governing body for the sports of bobsled and skeleton in the United States, to become the online exclusive hotel reservations provider for the organization and its fans.

What is Bobsleigh?

Bobsleigh comprises three disciplines: women’s and two-person sleds, which include a driver and a brakeman, and four-man bobsleigh, which consists of a driver, two crew members and a brakeman . The driver holds D-rings that pull ropes connected to the runners to steer the sled down the track. Bobsled athletes come from a variety of sporting backgrounds such as football, track and field, soccer, and softball and they must be strong, powerful, and fast in order to propel the heavy sled from the starting block. Each division requires a different weight for the sled. Two-man sleds weigh at least 384 pounds for men and 284 pounds for women, while a four-man sled weighs at least 462 pounds. A four-man sled with crew weighs up to 1,389 pounds! Sleds are also made from metal and fiberglass.

What is Skeleton?

The sport of Skeleton was first discovered in 1882 by English soldiers who designed and built a curved toboggan run in Switzerland. It eventually became a professional and Olympic sport in 1926 for both men and women. Skeleton sleds have no motors, brakes or seat belts. Athletes propel the 75-100lb sled right off the starting block by sprinting into a leaning position, which requires strength, power and speed. Athletes negotiate the track at up to 80 miles per hour through subtle changes in body weight that apply pressure to the shoulder steering bars and knee bars.

“We are very proud to add USA Bobsled/Skeleton to our list of sports league sponsorships to provide a personalized hotel reservation solution for all USABS athletes, coaches, staff and fans,” said Tim. Hentschel, co-founder and CEO of HotelPlanner.

“We are thrilled to partner with HotelPlanner to add value to our athletes, members and fans,” said Aron McGuire, CEO of USA Bobsled/Skeleton. “Our teams travel all year round for training and competitions. A single solution for hotel reservations solves a major logistical challenge and offers savings opportunities. It’s a win-win for USABS.

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About USA Bobsleigh/Skeleton

USA Bobsled/Skeleton (USABS), based in Lake Placid, NY, is the national governing body for the sports of bobsled and skeleton in the United States. For more information, please visit the USABS website at Those interested in becoming a bobsleigh or skeleton athlete can visit

About Hotel Planner

HotelPlanner is a leading travel technology company that combines proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, and a global 24/7 gig-based customer service network, to meet every travelers’ hotel needs from a single platform. HotelPlanner is one of the world’s leading providers of individual, group and corporate travel reservations, specializing in unique discounted rates for “closed user groups”. Founded in 2004, HotelPlanner maintains long-lasting partnerships with the world’s largest online travel agencies, renowned hotel chains, individual hotels, online wedding providers, ancillary accommodation providers, corporations, sports franchises , universities and government agencies.

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