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While much of the travel industry has found the past two years difficult, The Fives Hotels & Residences, a collection of luxury hotels in Mexico, has emerged from the pandemic with a head start. Using Meta’s suite of lead generation tools along with HubSpot CRM software, the company has been able to drive 50% business growth since the end of 2019.

Scaling the business to this point, at a time when potential customers are scarce across the industry, has been no small feat. But the Fives have found a way to meet their potential customers where they are and connect with them using their preferred method of communication – whether that’s filling out forms, calling or texting – to create opportunities for these potential leads to turn into sales.

To do this, they used Meta’s customizable suite of lead generation tools, which get customers in touch with just a few clicks. This includes forms (Lead Ads), phone calls (Call Ads) or messages (Ads that Click to Messenger), which they can make directly from an ad served to them on Instagram or Facebook.

When used with the HubSpot CRM software, the Fives received new leads directly and found particular success in providing customers with an instant, real-time connection.

Reconnect with guests

By leveraging Meta reach and optimization, The Fives found it easy to reconnect with past guests to generate leads. And by integrating their HubSpot CRM through Meta’s conversions API, they were able to connect with potential customers.

This has given The Fives the knowledge to adjust and personalize its messages to specific audiences, optimizing its approach to ensure quality leads. This improved conversion and ROI.

“Gaining valuable metrics such as geography, people’s reason for staying, and their customer history allows us to tailor our messaging and offer additional services and upgrades to drive return visits. “, explains Roberto Peon, call center manager, The Fives. “The combination of HubSpot and Leads Ads on Facebook and Instagram makes it easy for customers to share this information with us.”

With good quality data at your fingertips, The Fives has the ability to generate leads at scale and sync them in real time with HubSpot, so they can be integrated into existing workflows.

The company has also had significant success with Meta Call Ads, a product that helps businesses instantly connect with potential customers over the phone. “There’s little friction and no waiting to act on leads,” says Sandor Winkler, vice president of sales and marketing at The Fives. “As soon as a customer is ready to click to call, we are there for them. It only takes a few clicks and the conversation begins.

Impressive growth

The resulting success of these Call Ads means that The Fives now employs almost 40 agents working around the clock, in different languages ​​and regions.

But perhaps most impressive is that since The Fives started using Meta lead generation tools in combination with Hubspot to generate leads, it has seen 10x direct channel revenue and exceeds sales targets. monthly.

“This growth and expansion has been made possible by data provided through Meta and HubSpot,” says Winkler. “And with these tools, we’re excited to apply this insight to our other businesses and continue to grow.”

Make Leads Count

The Fives used a customizable suite of lead generation tools on Meta – Lead Ads, Call Ads and Ads that Click to Messenger. This allowed customers to get in touch with them with just a few simple clicks, via forms, phone calls or messages, directly from an advertisement offered to them on Instagram or Facebook.

While Meta’s suite of lead generation tools helps businesses reach customers in an engaging way, what you do with that lead data is what matters.

By including a Meta Partner such as HubSpot in lead generation, businesses open themselves up to receiving more valuable and reliable customer information than they would have alone, which in turn generates more valuable, high-quality leads. quality.

Not only that, but using a CRM partner can really make sense of that data, to help businesses target customers more effectively, improve conversion rates, and see ROI skyrocket.

Meta lead generation in numbers

  • Meta’s new conversion lead optimization for lead ads leads, on average, to a more than 20% increase in conversion rate from leads to sales (compared to lead optimization)*

*In a test conducted in October 2020 with 26 CRM advertisers integrated via the Conversions API from nine vertical markets and 10 countries

  • Research with 18 CRM-integrated advertisers through the Conversions API suggests that conversion lead optimization outperforms lead optimization by driving a higher lead-to-sale conversion rate 80% of the time**

**In a test conducted in October 2020

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