Kayak Carolina launches online booking and a new look for Mel Beasley

Our friends at Kayak Carolina recently launched their new online reservation system, along with a new website and brand update, just in time for the peak of the kayaking season!

“I hired Wide Open a few months ago to prepare for our celebration of 25 years in business and I am so happy and grateful that I did,” said Angela Caldwell Marshall, owner of Kayak Carolina. “My business is already seeing wonderful direct results online and the bottom line as well. By meeting them directly, which I love that they make sure to do as well, I really can’t wait to see what they have in store next! “

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Kayak Carolina came to Wide open technology seeking to modernize and simplify the operation of the company. Previously, the company always took tour bookings over the phone, but managing the manual booking process was labor intensive. Not only that, but the Carolina Kayak team wanted their brand to reiterate the aspect of nature exploration that plays such a big part in the kayaking experiences they offer.

As a woman-owned brand founded in 1998 by Angela Caldwell Marshall, Kayak Carolina offers nature-focused guided kayak tours, kayak rentals and kayaking lessons in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and in the surrounding area.

Brand and website update

It was important to Kayak Carolina that their website and logo put more emphasis on nature and wildlife. experience during tours with Kayak Carolina. For the logo, we used the same color scheme, but we also added a sea turtle and a sun to tie in with the vibes of nature on the new website.

Online reservation system

We wanted to increase bookings and make their business easier to operate by adding an online reservation system to the website. With this new reservation system, the Kayak Carolina team is able to manage reservations, team members, billing and reports directly from the backend of their reservation engine. Not only that, but Kayak Carolina can also accept payments on site with a mobile version of their reservation system so customers can pay in cash on arrival! Talk about modernization!

“I decided to work with Wide Open Tech because I think they took the time to listen to what I wanted, what I needed and my budget considerations,” Marshall said. “They created a plan that was personalized for my growing business. Love the new online reservation system as well as my new website! This combination allowed me to focus on everyday life and to live in the moment with my business and my customers.

Plans for the season at Kayak Carolina

With its new website live and in action, Kayak Carolina is thrilled to see new kayaking adventurers join them this season. The company is currently running five guided kayak tours this season, including two Zeke Island tours, a Sunrise / Sunset tour, a Masonboro Island tour, and a Sharks Tooth Island tour. Kayakers can sign up for an excursion or rent a take-out kayak from the official website here.

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