New online reservation system for guided hunts and more

We got the scoop on Mallard Bay, a new online booking system for outfitters.

A new online system aims to simplify the experience of booking guided hunting trips by providing everything hunters need to plan a trip in one convenient place.

Mallard Bay is a one-stop-shop: a digital booking marketplace for guided hunting trips that connects sportsmen to outfitters. The website offers an Airbnb-style experience for sportspeople looking for accommodation with real-time availability, secure payments, quality assurance, and help with arranging accommodation and meals as well as their guided hunts.

Mallard Bay’s primary goal is to make successful hunting more accessible, said Mallard Bay Founder and President Logan Meaux.

Meaux, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been a hunter for several years. He and his father, Chris Meaux, founder of the Waitr app, enjoy hunting together, especially for waterfowl.

Mallard Bay was born out of Meaux’s own experience as he booked a waterfowl hunting trip to celebrate his father’s birthday. It turned out to be a rotten trip and a huge waste of money due to a lack of communication and connection with the outfitter. After spending money on flights, hotel rooms and an overall disappointing experience, Meaux realized there was a glitch in the guided trip booking process and was prompted to fix it. .

“There had to be a better way,” Meaux said. “Once I saw this opportunity, I knew this was what I had to do.”

Meaux did not originally plan to work in the outdoor industry. He studied finance at university and thought he could work as an investment banker, but the failed birthday trip changed the trajectory of his life. This set him on the path to creating Mallard Bay.

Find the idea of ​​Mallard Bay

Mallard Bay’s name is inspired by a real place.

“The name comes from our property which is right on the edge of a real bayou water called Mallard Bay,” Meaux said. “When we were looking for the name of this project, we knew it was perfect; the mallard encompasses hunting and the bay encompasses fishing.”

Some of Meaux’s fondest childhood memories are of hunting and fishing. His experiences on the pitch are among his most cherished memories, he said. He and his team designed Mallard Bay to make it easier for other sports enthusiasts to connect to their own dream trips.

“What I love most about hunting is the camaraderie and the experience that comes with it,” Meaux said. “For me it’s really about being with friends and family and creating a memory that will last a very long time. I hope Mallard Bay can be part of that for other sports people.”

Meaux is quick to credit his co-founders, Joel Moreau, Tam Nguyen and Wyatt Mallett, for the early success of Mallard Bay.

“We built the system from scratch,” Meaux said. “There are other ways to build marketplaces, but we chose to build our own app.”

He and his team did extensive pre-launch research to ensure this product would achieve the goal it set out to achieve.

“We dug deep to understand the issues these providers as businesses have with connecting to customers,” he said. “We want to provide a seamless experience for guides and athletes.”

Mallard Bay offers a selection of approximately 35 outfitters offering market experiences. Currently, many trips available through Mallard Bay are in the South, Southeast, and Midwest, but the team is actively working to expand to other regions. They will even offer experiences in Canada and Mexico. More information can be found at

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