Porsche Design launches into the luxury hotel industry

As you plan to travel the world again, Porsche Design has all baggage that you need for your trip. But soon the subsidiary of Porsche AG, the German car manufacturer, will be able to offer you even better: accommodation.

This summer, Porsche Design announced its partnership with Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts to create a new hotel brand in the luxury living space: Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels. This month, Deutsche Hospitality, the parent company of Steigenberger, announced more details of the deployment: “The first planning stage involves the establishment of up to 15 hotels in global metropolises such as London, Singapore, Dubai and Shanghai.

Porsche Design is known for its various luxury goods, from watches to speakers that incorporate 911 GT3 exhaust pipes, but he has already touched the buildings. In 2017, the Porsche Design Tower Miami, a luxury residential building, opened in Florida with the latest generation car elevators that transported vehicles to individual apartments, but it was more of a branding opportunity for Porsche than a design partnership. It looks like this new hotel business will be more of a collaboration.

“Steigenberger Porsche Design Hotels creates a brand that marries the design philosophy and values ​​of the exclusive Porsche Design brand with the hospitality and quality of service of a Steigenberger hotel,” said Marcus Bernhardt, CEO of Steigenberger Hotels AG / Deutsche Hospitality, in a press release. . “Our common goal is to establish a new hotel product for a global target group that seeks uniqueness and has the highest quality aspirations. “

While today’s news simply indicates that investor interest is said to be “considerable”, rather than presenting concrete plans, there are a few details on what these hotels will include: at least 150 rooms, suites and penthouses each, as well as expected amenities such as restaurants, bars, health and beauty establishments and gymnasiums.

The Steigenberger portfolio currently consists of hotels in 11 countries, including Africa’s most affordable 5-star hotel.

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