San Diego hotel business tourism is still recovering from the pandemic

While this new national report reveals that hotel business tourism is expected to be down in San Diego this year, leisure tourism is still strong.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — A new national study reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic is still hitting San Diego’s hospitality industry, particularly as it relates to business tourism.

This report from the American Hotel and Lodging Association predicts a drop of more than 75% in revenues in this area.

While this new national report reveals hotel business tourism is expected to be strong here in San Diego and across the country this year compared to 2019, other studies show that when it comes to leisure tourism, San Diego is doing better than expected.

“It’s intermittent…random,” said Elias Maroki, manager of Gaslamp BBQ on Island Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter, “but business is slowly but surely picking up.”

Maroki said while business tourists are starting to return, it’s not the same as before the pandemic.

“Tourism is there, but it’s not as much as in 2019,” he added.

A new report from the American Hotel and Lodging Association confirms this assessment.

It finds that most business travelers are canceling or postponing trips due to lingering concerns about COVID-19, predicting San Diego hotel business travel revenue will be down 75% this year from 2019. .

According to the study, this represents an estimated loss of $1.2 billion in business travel revenue to San Diego.

Statewide, this loss for California hotels is estimated at $9.8 billion, while nationally, hotels are expected to drop more than $59 billion in travel revenue. business, compared to 2019. This projection comes after hotels across the country lost $49 billion last year.

While hotel business travel revenue is expected to decline this year, San Diego is still among the nation’s top three tourist destinations for leisure travel, according to the San Diego Tourism Marketing District, ranking first in the region. Where is.

“I really think it’s getting back to normal,” tourist Crystal Dusinski said.

She and her husband Jason are visiting San Diego for business and pleasure this weekend. For them, traveling feels safe, from the airport to their hotel’s COVID protocols.

“Extra cleaning…you can really smell the Lysol,” Jason said, “Really spray everything.”

“I think everyone is doing their part to make sure everyone is comfortable,” added Crystal.

Companies like Gaslamp BBQ are hoping this translates to even better business next year.

Elias Maroki says he is optimistic.

“If it’s not 100%, but we should be close to 80 or 90%,” Maroki told News 8.

This new national report also forecasts that overall business travel is not expected to reach pre-pandemic levels until 2024.

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