The hotel industry will return to normal from 2023

The Central Region Chapter of the Ghana Hoteliers Association (GHA) predicted that the industry would return to normal by next year.

According to them, the restrictions on conferences and related activities would not have an immediate impact on the income of the hospitality industry.

They said that even though 2022 had better prospects compared to 2020 and 2021, the industry would still take a few years to recover what was lost due to the pandemic.

The association’s vice president and general manager of the Coconut Grove Hotel in Cape Coast, Mr. Victor Minta, told the GNA in an interview on Tuesday.

He explained that many institutions had developed a taste for online conferences and that it would take a concerted effort by everyone in the industry to encourage people to return to physical meetings where networking and interactions had more value. ‘impact.

“Many organizations have become accustomed to having online meetings because every organization can be cost conscious. We need to go out and educate people that Zoom can be fine, but meeting face to face has additional benefits. meeting face to face is sometimes different from what we do on Zoom,” he said.

Mr Minta further noted that it was essential that industry players do the extra work to help boost business in general in the hospitality sector, as they strive to generate the revenue. necessary and to create job opportunities for the many young unemployed people.

“Most facilities have had to lay off a lot of staff during the pandemic and if the issues normalize, people may be rehired for a source of income,” the vice president added.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his 28and a televised address on the coronavirus situation in the country announced a series of revised measures to ease a number of restrictions related to COVID-19.

Among them, the reopening of Ghana’s land and sea borders and the announcement that wearing a nose mask was optional.

“All in-person activities, such as those taking place in churches, mosques, conferences, workshops, private parties and events, cinemas and theaters can resume at full capacity, as long as the public and/or participants are fully vaccinated. Hand washing and sanitizing points should be made available at these sites,” he said.

Praising the government for the revised measures, Mr Minta suggested that it was incumbent on hoteliers and hospitality professionals to insist more than ever on respecting the remaining protocols which were still in force.

“I know the nose mask is no longer mandatory but of course in closed environments it can be encouraged,” he added.

He, however, called for a holistic discussion of the condition which suggests that everyone attending various gatherings should be fully vaccinated as he shudders that would reduce their numbers even further.

He observed, for example, that the lack of technology to authenticate vaccination cards at various facilities made effective compliance difficult.

“Furthermore, if you look at the number of people who have been vaccinated versus those who have not been vaccinated, that means we will be preventing a huge percentage of the population from attending conferences, meetings and events. and that will affect our operations,” he said.

“Despite this, we can carry out physical checks on the arrival of participants,” added the owner of the Coconut Grove hotel.

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