The new Jettly online booking platform makes private flights easier

Flying privately is a luxury few can afford and as such, not everyone knows how to book a private jet. A new service changes that. While this doesn’t make private flying more affordable, unfortunately it does make booking a jet as easy as booking a scheduled flight online.

The service, called Jettly, has just launched a brand new booking platform which CEO Justin Crabbe said Travel + Leisure works “just like Expedia”. Crabbe also told Travel + Leisure that “the typical private jet broker model is like, taking it back to the 90s, before the Airbnbs and Ubers of the world.”

Although the platform is currently in beta, it is fully functional.

“He’s made for a millennial mindset,” Crabbe explained. “We don’t want to be tied to brokers, we want things now or yesterday.”

The site is similar to other travel booking platforms, like Expedia and Kayak, but has a few unique features specific to private flight. Travelers can enter a point of departure and destination along with travel dates and Jettly will present them with pricing data from different operators, different types of jets, and different policies and options to review.

Jettly offers 23,000 private planes in 190 countries and territories, according to a press release, and has a private concierge to help you plan.

Crabbe told Travel + Leisure that private travel has picked up in recent years, both for business and personal travel, and suspects this is partly due to COVID fears. Crabbe said Jettly receives about 15,000 requests per month.

“It’s amazing how much demand there is,” he said.

And this despite the massive expense of a private flight. The average flight booked on Jettly costs around $35,000 with an average flight time between three and four hours, per trip + leisure.

It’s worth noting, though, that if you’re packing a plane with all your friends and splitting the expense, a private jet trip could cost around what you’d pay for a first-class seat on a scheduled flight. Sometimes it’s worth splurging on yourself.

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