Zocdoc Announces Completion of Its 150th Zocdoc Synchronization, Powering Online Booking and Fostering Scheduling Interoperability in the Healthcare Industry

Patented, configurable technology aggregates healthcare appointment inventory, facilitates onboarding for providers, and enables seamless online scheduling for patients

NEW YORK, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zocdocthe first healthcare marketplace that makes it easy for people to find and book in-person or virtual care in over 200 specialties and +12k insurance plans, today announced the completion of its 150th Zocdoc Sync. This patented technology is what makes Zocdoc’s distinctive healthcare market possible. It allows providers of all specialties to seamlessly integrate their back-end scheduling software with Zocdoc’s marketplace to surface their appointment availability in real time. Patients can then book an appointment with the provider that best suits their needs, and Zocdoc Syncs automatically writes that appointment into the provider’s scheduling software in real time.

The flexible and configurable technology behind Zocdoc Syncs provides a central point of connection between the hundreds of different types of scheduling technology used by vendors. Zocdoc wanted people to be able to easily find and book appointments with healthcare providers, so we built 150 EHR integrations. We did this by using knowledge gained from interactions with providers and their support staff; this allowed us to customize the technology, backed by multiple patents, that powers 245 unique specialties and saves patients the need for hundreds of connections across multiple offerings. This patented technology capability is what underpins Zocdoc’s ability to enable patients to seamlessly find and book in-network care.

“Unlike other industries – like travel – where there is a centralized scheduling system, it is difficult to consolidate the inventory of healthcare appointments in one central place. Solving this problem was complex different practices use different scheduling software, scheduling rules vary by specialty, not all physicians in a specialty perform all procedures, and different providers accept different sets of insurance plans,” said Olivier Kharraz, MD, Founder and CEO of Zocdoc. “We have successfully created an online booking layer through Zocdoc Syncs, and we continue to add new connections to our platform every month. Ultimately, this technology enables our complete healthcare marketplace and delivers the simple digital experience that patients deserve.

Zocdoc Syncs enables a wide range of providers, from independent practitioners to large care organizations like health systems, to easily connect their existing scheduling software to Zocdoc’s marketplace. This allows vendors to retain their existing software and operational practices and avoid time-consuming technology migrations. The company has long-term relationships with and has built unique integrations for leading healthcare software companies, including Athena, and has a integration available on Epic App Orchard. Additionally, Zocdoc has established syncs with many other EHR companies, many of which focus on specialties, such as Allscripts, DrChrono by EverHealth and PrognoCIS, and dental practice management systems such as Eaglesoft.

Zocdoc’s work with these companies, and many other EHR companies, has helped to:

  • Increase practice efficiency for providers. Providers using Zocdoc Syncs can reduce manual scheduling and busy phone lines by giving patients the ability to book online, freeing them up to do what they do best: take care of their patients.
  • Automatically display hidden inventory, speeding up access to healing. In the field of health, patients expect on average 29 days to see a doctor, but providers often have last-minute cancellations and postponements that aren’t fulfilled. Zocdoc Syncs allows patients to see available appointment slots in real time, allowing them to book appointments online, quickly and easily. This speeds up their access to care, as most Zocdoc users see a doctor within 24-72 hours of booking.
  • Maximize the use of supplier time. Providers end up using a median of 70% of their time because of hidden healthcare inventory: appointment changes that occur on short notice, resulting in unfilled appointments. By using Zocdoc Syncs to instantly view availability, providers can spend more time seeing patients.
  • Reduce complexity. Suppliers of all sizes use a wide range of EHR and billing systems, have different planning parameters, and use different methods for insurance verification. Zocdoc Syncs meets all these complex and bespoke requirements, ensuring a seamless experience for providers and patients.
  • Paving the way to planning interoperability. Zocdoc integrated with existing planning standards, created standards where there were none, and worked with systems with and without APIs to create a framework that was both highly configurable and extensible. This created a common planning interoperability layer. The company designs technology that helps providers of all sizes, from large healthcare systems to individual physicians, access and exchange schedule information, creating a streamlined process to benefit patients and practices.

Overall, Zocdoc is uniquely positioned to help every type of patient find and book every type of care. The company will continue to grow and deepen its network of providers, add new types of care to its market, further streamline the search and booking experience, and expand its offerings to improve more aspects of patients’ health care experience.

If you are an EHR and want to partner with Zocdoc, you can find out more at https://www.zocdoc.com/about/integrate/.

If you’re interested in working with Zocdoc to streamline planning and improve Americans’ access to care — in person or virtually — you can learn more at zocdoc.com/join.

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